You can define environment variables as a JSON document. They will be available in your methods through your programming language's default environment support.

For example, in Node.js, you can access them via process.env.


There are three secret keys in Rio: access, refresh and custom secret keys. Rio core uses these secret keys to generate access, refresh and custom tokens. If you regenerate any of these keys, existing tokens will become invalid immediately.

Core Environment Variables

RIO_API_TYPEEnum('REST', 'HTTP')falseHTTPSets the type of the API on AWS API Gateway
RIO_SUB_DOMAINStringtrue-Sets the API domain (api.{RIO_SUB_DOMAIN}
RIO_FIREBASE_CONFIGStringtrue-Stringified Firebase configuration
RIO_REDIS_CONFIGStringtrue-Stringified Redis configuration
RIO_STATIC_IPEnum('on', 'off')falseoffFlag for static IP support
ROOT_PROJECT_API_KEYStringtrue-API Key for interacting with Root project API
RIO_TOKEN_VERIFY_MAX_AGEStringfalse0Stringified integer in seconds to set the token verification age limit
RIO_MAX_REFRESH_TOKEN_COUNTStringfalse3Stringified integer to limit refresh token count
RIO_INSTANCE_VERSION_COUNTStringfalse0Stringified integer to limit max number of versions of each instance
RIO_AUTH_LOGSEnum('on', 'off')falseoffFlag to enable authentication logs
RIO_LOG_RETENTION_PERIODStringfalse180Stringified integer in days to set the max days to keep the logs
RIO_ACCESS_TOKEN_EXPIREStringfalse300Stringified integer in seconds to set the max seconds to keep an access token as valid
RIO_REFRESH_TOKEN_EXPIREStringfalse1296000Stringified integer in seconds to set the max seconds to keep a refresh token as valid
RIO_TASKS_CONCURRENCY_LIMITStringfalse20Stringified integer to limit the concurrency of task processing
RIO_FIREBASE_PROJECT_ID,Stringtrue-Firebase project id
RIO_FIREBASE_IOS_APP_ID,Stringtrue-iOS App ID from Firebase project
RIO_FIREBASE_ANDROID_APP_ID,Stringtrue-Android App ID from Firebase project
RIO_FIREBASE_WEB_APP_ID,Stringtrue-Web App ID from Firebase project
RIO_FIREBASE_GCM_SENDER_ID,Stringtrue-GCM sender id from Firebase project
RIO_FIREBASE_API_KEY,Stringtrue-Firebase api key
RIO_CUSTOM_US_CERTIFICATE_ARN,Stringfalse-SSL certificate in us-east-1 for the custom api domain
RIO_CUSTOM_LOCAL_CERTIFICATE_ARN,Stringfalse-SSL certificate in account region for the custom api domain
RIO_CUSTOM_API_DOMAIN,Stringfalse-Custom api domain
Authentication Rules