Bulk Import

You can call methods and create instances through a bulk data. You can prepare your batches as in your method calls or class initiations via RDK.

  • You cannot start more than 3 bulk imports in parallel.
  • Bulk import requests in a single batch cannot be more than 250 KB.
export interface BulkImport {
    getInstance?: GetInstance[],
    methodCall?: MethodCall[],

interface OperationResponse {
    success: boolean
    data?: any
    error?: string

export interface BulkImportResponse extends OperationResponse {
    data?: { execution: string, startDate?: string }

async function bulkImport(input: BulkImport): Promise<OperationResponse | undefined> {
    // ...


import RDK from '@retter/rdk'

const rdk = new RDK()

await rdk.bulkImport({ getInstance: [{ classId: 'MyClass' }], methodCall: [{ classId: 'MyClass', methodName: 'myMethod', instanceId: 'myInstance' }] })

await rdk.pipeline()
    .bulkImport({ getInstance: [{ classId: 'MyClass', body: { x: 1, y: 2 } }] })
    .bulkImport({ methodCall: [{ classId: 'MyClass', methodName: 'myMethod', instanceId: 'myInstance', body: { a: 'X', b: 'Y' } }] })

API Reference

getInstanceGetInstance[]falseBulk getInstance requests
methodCallMethodCall[]falseBulk methodCall requests

Bulk Import Response

successbooleantrueReturns true if operation is successful
data{ execution: string, startDate?: string }falseSuccessful response
errorstringfalseReason of failure
Clean Up