Getting Started

Rio CLI is a nodejs program to help you create projects and deploy them. You can install it by executing command below:

npm install -g @retter/rio-cli

If you get "The operation was rejected by your operating system." error in this setup process, you can add sudo before each command.

Setting Up Your Profile With CLI

After CLI setup is complete, we can set your profile up. You can visit your developer console and login. Than open settings Rio Console > Right Top Dropdown Menu > Settings. You will see your SECRET_ID and SECRET_KEY in here.

Decide your PROFILE_NAME and run the following command with your own PROFILE_NAME, SECRET_ID and SECRET_KEY.

rio set-profile --profile-name <PROFILE_NAME> \
    --secret-id <SECRET> \
    --secret-key <SECRETKEY> \
    --endpoint <DOMAIN>


  • --profile-name: Name of this admin profile
  • --secret-id: Secrect id fetched from console
  • --secret-key: Secrect key fetched from console
  • --endpoint: URL to target rio console

When your profile is initialized, you can run the following command.

rio list-profiles