All configuration available in project scope can be found under Settings tab. You can change project's name in Config tab. Additionally, you can deactive project by clicking the red button in Danger Zone.


There are three secret keys in Rio: access, refresh and custom secret keys. Rio core uses these secret keys to generate access, refresh and custom tokens. If you regenerate any of these keys, existing tokens will become invalid immediately.


You can define environment variables as a JSON document here. They will be available in your methods through your programming language's default environment support. For example, in nodejs, you can access them via process.env

Log Adapters

In Rio, you can access request and response logs through developer console in most cases, projects might require more sophisticated query options. Rio has graylog support as a log adapter to send all logs to your graylog server. All you have to do is that you add a log adapter by providing endpoint, username and password.

Tracing Adapters

In Rio, you can enable tracing mode for your project. In tracing mode, all of your API calls will be pushed to XRAY for detailed analysis.

typestring (XRAY)trueTracing service.