Static IP Calls

You can make API calls to outside of Rio from a static IP address.

You cannot make more than 3 requests in parallel.

interface StaticIPRequest {
    url: string
    data: {
        requestData?: any
        returnData?: any
        returnEndpoint?: StaticIPCallback
    headers?: Record<string, string>
    method?: StaticIPHttpMethod
    timeout?: number
    sync?: boolean
    auth?: {
        username: string
        password: string
    disableSSL?: boolean

interface OperationResponse {
    success: boolean
    data?: any
    error?: string

async function request(input: StaticIPRequest): Promise<OperationResponse | undefined> {
    // ...

async function httpRequest(input: StaticIPRequest): Promise<OperationResponse | undefined> {
    // ...


import RDK from '@retter/rdk'

const rdk = new RDK()

await rdk.request({ url: '', method: 'GET' })
await rdk.httpRequest({ url: '', method: 'GET' })

await rdk.pipeline()
    .request({ url: '', method: 'GET' })
    .request({ url: '', method: 'POST' })
    .httpRequest({ url: '', method: 'GET' })
    .httpRequest({ url: '', method: 'POST' })

API Reference

Static IP Request Input

data{ requestData?: any; returnData?: any; returnEndpoint?: StaticIPCallback }trueRequest body
methodstringfalseHTTP method
headersRecord<string, string>falseRequest headers
syncbooleanfalseFlag to decide whether to respond synchronously or not
auth{ username: string, password: string }falseBasic authentication parameters
disableSSLbooleanfalseFlag to decide whether to disable SSL verification

Operation Output

successbooleantrueReturns true if operation is successful
dataanyfalseSuccessful response
errorstringfalseReason of failure
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